Importance of email marketing

Until a few decades ago, we as humans had fewer resources to keep in touch with each other. There was some specific person who used to send our massage to our relatives or friends who lived abroad. And some used to write a letter. But with the passage of time it has been ended.  Nowadays here are many innovative resources such as through email, facebook, sms, whatsapp, twitter that we use to get in touch with our relatives and friends. Approximately 34% people are using email. That’s make almost 2.5 billion people. And it is predicted to increase 2.8 billion email users within 2 years. Marketing through social media is getting popular all over the world. Companies now are using email marketing in Dubai. Even WhatsApp marketing in Dubai is also getting popular. These marketing tools are getting much importance in the market. This is because it is easy to convey your massage to your clients. Simply it is very powerful way too connected with people. Nowadays almost everyone have email addresses and you can make connection with your relatives. You get many massages from your friends and family members and enjoy these mails. Email is beigest part of our life.

Let’s know the reasons that why email marketing is important for us.

It is more effective than social media

Well marketing through email is I think more than effective than social media. No doubt that social media is extremely important part for marketing. Companies are taking keen interest in social media for their products and services. And social media is great platform to interact with your customers and audience. But if you compare it with email marketing you will come to know that email marketing is more effective than social media. Because people open email addresses on regular and daily basis and email is trustable and reliable.

It is very economical

Marketing through email does not cost you so much. It allows owners to reach a large number of customers at a rate of nothing per massage. For small business owners it is better choice for marketing than marketing on TV, Radio, or newspaper. Some researchers found that mostly people consider marketing through email.

Easy segmentation

What do you do in email marketing? Well definitely you make a list of specific audience where your product can create impact and can get results. And send your massages to this list.