How Much Is The Dhow Cruise In Khasab?

How Much Is The Dhow Cruise In Khasab?

When considering a dhow cruise in Khasab, budgeting appropriately is crucial. Prices can vary based on several factors, including duration, inclusions, seasonality, and operator chosen. Generally, prices range between $40 to $200 per person depending on these variables.


As mentioned earlier, dhow cruise in Khasab come in three main categories – half-day, full-day, and overnight. Naturally, longer cruises command higher fees due to increased operational costs such as fuel, crew wages, meals, etc. Expect to pay approximately:

  • Half-Day Cruise: Around $40-$80 per person
  • Full-Day Cruise: Approximately $80-$150 per person
  • Overnight Cruise: Roughly $150-$200 per person


Prices generally cover the basics, i.e., transportation via dhow, guide service, and basic amenities. More inclusive packages may incorporate extras like entrance fees to attractions visited, equipment rental (snorkels, fins), meals, soft drinks, hotel transfers, etc. Be aware that optional add-ons, such as alcoholic beverages or premium dining options, could incur additional charges.


Like many tourist destinations, peak seasons witness inflated pricing owing to heightened demand. High season in Khasab typically falls between October and April when temperatures are milder, making for more pleasant cruising conditions. Conversely, low season rates apply from May to September, coinciding with hotter climates which tend to deter crowds.

Operator chosen:

Not all dhow cruise operators price identically. Reputable companies investing heavily in quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and sustainability initiatives might charge slightly higher fares reflecting superior standards and value offered. On the contrary, less established outfits might offer lower quotes but lack comparable facilities, expertise, and reliability. Therefore, it’s prudent to compare multiple providers weighing pros and cons carefully.

Negotiating deals:

Depending on individual circumstances, negotiation tactics can yield discounted rates. For instance, booking large groups, combining multiple tours, or traveling during off-peak periods presents utilize for negotiating reduced prices. Furthermore, checking promotional websites specializing in travel bargains or contacting operators directly to discuss personal requirements could result in exclusive deals.

Most operators accept major credit cards and local currency. When paying with foreign currencies or card transactions, exchange rates and bank fees should factor into overall expenditure calculations. To mitigate unnecessary expenses, pre-exchanging money at trusted forex institutions or utilizing no-foreign transaction fee credit cards could prove beneficial.