Dos and Donts of selecting wedding cake

Wedding is one of the most stressful occasions in a person’s life especially when you are a girl and you don’t know where to start the preparations from. NO! We are not suggesting starting the preparations from trying birthday cakes in Dubai and choosing the flavour from them, this leads us to the first point that you should definitely NOT do for wedding cake:

  • Wedding style decisions comes first, cake comes second

Please don’t be one of those people who choose shoes for an occasion first and the dress later because shoes should not dictate your dress style and colours. Exactly the same a wedding cake is not supposed to dictate the style of your wedding because you want everything  to be in sync and you can’t be sure about that unless you choose everything – from the wedding venue to season and the gown and theme that you are going to follow – first. Falling for a pretty cake is easy but syncing the whole wedding with it is not. Whereas there is the prettiest and yummiest wedding cake in Dubai available that would fit right into your planning.

  • Choose the flavours that you want – not what others want

There is a huge variety of flavours available out there. Aside from being a pretty little show piece for the wedding, your cake should also taste amazing because people will actually eat it and spending money on something which looks pretty but tastes rubbish is not what you want everyone to be gossiping about on your big day. Try choosing a completely new and unique flavour that most of the chefs are currently working on and surprise the guests to gossip about something positive that leaves an impact on them.

  • Consider the weather

It is very important that you take weather under consideration because there are certain icing recipes that can melt away very easily in a hot weather especially when it is an outdoor wedding. You can ask the baker for suggestions as they are well aware of the recipe and frosting that they will be using. They can guide you in the right direction of choosing a cake that will leave an impression without ruining the event and you will be good to go.