Things you will get in a desert safari package

People will be eager to get a visit of the luxurious desert safari Dubai especially along with their children. Some people prefer to go along with their friends to have a day out at the evening desert safari to change their mind from the daily hectic routine of work and study. If you are one of them then you will be definitely want to know about all the facilities which your tour provider will give you. You have to select the tour provider vigilantly that they are charging the money for what they are going to provide you. Most of them provide the following facilities so you should take a look here:

Vehicle: They will provide a 4 * 4 wheeler vehicle to get the most out of your desert experience as this vehicle is the most suitable thing to drive on the dense sand of desert. You can book your seat on the vehicle when you are alone and you can also book the whole vehicle if you are going with family or friends. Most people do not want to go alone so it is better to book the whole vehicle so that you can enjoy the trip without the presence of any strangers along with you.

Timing: They will start the journey according the time of the sunset because safari journey will be more memorable when you see it through the sunset. So if the sun sets early like in winters then the journey will start earlier about 3 pm and if you are going in summer then it will start after 4 pm.

Dune bashing: Then they will let you experience the upper and lower speed of the vehicle on the sand dunes. It will be a great experience for you and you have to sit tightly when you are going for this for the first time as you will feel a little scared there.

Sunset: The most important part of the evening safari is the sunset view. People love to take pictures of the sunset and themselves there and your tour provider will give you enough time for that so you can take loads of pictures there where you can capture the sun without the interruption of huge buildings in between you and sun.

Now that you have all this information at hand, make sure that you go ahead and book your desert safari trip right away!