Facts about the USA

America is one of the most popular country in the world. It is well known for the advancement of Technology, inventions, music, movies, and the cultural trend it sets. It is the third most populated country in the world and people of different races reside in America. 

Here are some amazing and interesting facts about America or US visa from Abu Dhabi and Australian visa in Dubai:

  • America is rich in naturally beautiful landscapes. Places like Grand Canyon National Park great Smoky Mountains National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Tourists often visit such places to admire and enjoy in such peaceful environments.
  • America has the fourth longest river in the world, called The Missouri river. This river is used for irrigation drinking water and now also for producing hydroelectric power.
  • America has a very strong and large economy and is often called economic superpower of the world. It has very low rate of poverty and unemployment and higher rate of incomes.
  • When America separated from Britain it consisted of 13 States. At that time, the American flag had 13 stripes and 13 stars. Over the period of time as the states kept increasing so does the modification in the flag. Now American flag has 50 stars to show 50 states.
  • The music of American artists is listened and loved by people all over the world. Singers like Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, BeyoncĂ©, Elvis Presley are some of the most popular singers of America
  • Hollywood is the most liked centre of entertainment in the world. Genres like action, comedy, romance, and thrillers are produced in Hollywood. Hollywood has a huge audience worldwide and tourist love to visit Hollywood.
  • New York was the first capital of America but now Washington DC is the capital of America. It became the capital of America in 1970.
  • Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It is popular for casino hotels, fine dine, shopping and gambling. Tourist visit from all over the world Las Vegas. Often Business conventions are also held in Las Vegas.
  • Kentucky produces large amount of Bourbon. It produces about 96% Bourbon of the world.
  • English is not the official language of America as there are no laws stating that English speaking should be mandatory. But 31 states have declared English as their official language and few states have officially declared their language bilingual.
  • United States of America can be referred by different names such as U.S, the U.S, United states and America.