Facts about the car repair industry

Everyone need a transportation for their usage. Some people can afford their own transport some use public transport like taxi, bus or train. There are three medium of transportation air transportation, land transportation, sea transportation.

Normally, people use car for their traveling needs. Every country has land transportation infrastructure. A good infrastructure helps the country to boost its economy. This infrastructure needs some security measures in order to avoid unwanted happenings like accidents. 

Thousands of people live in large cities. People have to go from place to place. Adults go to work, children go to schools. Traffic is always on the move. Roads are very busy in the morning when people go to work, and in the evening, when people go home. Everyone on the road, whether they are driving, riding motor bike or bicycles, or walking, must obey traffic rules. These rules are made to keep everyone safe and to prevent accidents. Traffic rules are set out in a book called the Highway Code. Breaking traffic rules is punishable by law. People who walk along the footpath are pedestrians.

Many people are involving in the transportation industry. It is a very big industry in the world. In taxi or bus one person is required that is driver but many professions are supporting this one like mechanics, bus industries admin, accounts etc. staff. In sea ships there are so many people are required in order to run the ship. Airplane industry is also require hundreds of staff. So, many people of the world are earning money by this industry. Some people are researching on the car advancements. New technological cars have been introduces that are successfully running on road that are hybrid cars. Some renowned car companies are producing these hybrid cars. This car technology saves a lot of fuel for the owner. In this way, people save money. These days, this hybrid technology is getting popularity.

Car industry is probably the biggest industry of the world. The most selling car of the world was Toyota corolla in two decade before. But still it is included in the list of most selling cars. There are some cars that require some special service experts like Rolls Royce service center. You may also find well known providers of car service in Dubai. There are some luxury cars producers who produces some extraordinary cars like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Audi, Ferrari etc.