All About the 2020 Cullinan

Rolls Royce has history of making luxurious and the hottest cars. It has been making such vehicles and cars for long time and none of them leave a stone to impress the buyers and car lovers. Each model has its own unique features and qualities that make each of them must-buy. 2020 Cullinan is one of them.

2020 Cullinan is black badge car which is one of the most expensive SUVs of Rolls Royce. Like every Cullinan, its black badge is the exclusivity which is loved by all cullinan lovers and likers especially when they sit on driving seat and could see the badge in front of them exactly. However, this badge goes out of sight instantly, its painstaking to make every badge according to Rolls Royce.

The wheels of the Cullinan is another thing which make the car must-buy. Theyare trimmed and look like C somehow.

Inside 2020 Cullinan is somehow like older Cullinan but there are some changes. The Technical Fibre gives 3d effect iths its trimmed structure; therefore, it covers deck and console mostly. Forge Yellow Leather is other change in the car. It looks different from old Black leather that make the car special and must-try for many.

Cullinan 2020 is the first Cullinan which has Starlight Hardliners of Rolls Royce. Starligt Harliners is the signature of the company. It has 1,344 fibre optic cables. The cables and lights come with the feature of shooting star. All you have to do is to switch on the lights and they will light the artificial sky. The best part is that lights can be customized.

The latest car has same 6.7 liter and V12 colossal that produces horsepower of 600 and 664 torque that make the vehicle superfast and super thrilling. Its pedals- based on gas, enhance the engine’s speed and make the car faster and speedier. That’s the reason why 60 miles can be covered in 60 minutes in 2020 Cullinan. Its brakes are icing on the cake. The gearbox is similar to old ones yet it gives more torque and reduce the gearing to make the car smooth.

So, this is what I can tell you about 2020 Cullinan. 2020 Cullinan is the car which is good to try and better to drive for all the craziest fans of cars and Rolls Royce. That’s why take out information about rolls royce rental price in dubai and get the car for a day on the half price of ferrari rent price