The Plus Size System

Lack of representation of ‘real women’ in fashion is a debatable topic for decades. The clothing and fashion industry still ignores this billion pound segment of the UAE market. All plus size females wish for either much thinner body type or get a perfect plus size dresses dubai catalog in their malls. Being skinny is not an option because we gradually change our body type unless will follow strict health regime and food selections.  It is a market dilemma to treat skinny and model looking shapes much superior then other plus sized females.

All fashion models are must to have younger appearance with white skin tone and dramatically thin and tall body type which is not available in general because females have to face different segments of life from birth to child birth and menopause which greatly affect their bodies.

Short and plus size females adopt different tricks and tips to modify their looks like high heels sandals, body shapers, low crab diets, and skin fitted dressing to create a slimmer look but they never appreciate their body and always face negative comments.

For casual people symbol of beauty is a perfect figured skinny glowing model who has no other thing to do but walk on ramp wearing stylish and elegant attire but in real it is all fake and even ironic looking models have some flaws on their skin, figures, and appearance which will covered by heavy makeup, professional hairdo with expert lighting and airbrushing. Beauty is far beyond from BMIs and perfect figure myths.

From past few years the cloth industry has started realizing this prominent segment which really needs their consideration and can provide higher revenue generating avenues for fashion and clothing industry. Most high profile brands start introducing plus and free size catalogs for females who really admire fashion and want to look stylish even being fat or plus size. Fashion and beauty can be appreciated in all sizes and shapes rather being conservative to zero size figures and higher thigh gaps.

It is recommended to include 16+ sizes in fashion directory to accommodate plus sized and all shapes and figures females which is though quite technical but not impossible. To achieve this huge range of perfectly fit requirements the designers who knows better size understandings and more technical knowledge in stating appropriate shape and style are needed in fashion industry.

Being fit and healthy equally important with appreciating our body types. Being guilty to eat a brownie in your strict diet schedule can’t make your mind in peace which is indirectly effect your mood and frustration. Try to be fit without being worried about your current size is the best way to enjoy your figure and its curves. If you can’t appreciate what you are, nobody else can complement you either. Be a role model for your daughters and eliminate this myth of perfect shape and figure from their minds. Now you can find designer clothing including tops, skirts, frocks, maxis, and plus size swimwear dubai to cherish your appearance without compromising on styles. Enjoy what you really are.